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Congress has the authority to require that the IRS investigate Scientology’s tax abuses.  The oversight committees in the Senate and House are responsible for making sure that government does its job.  This page has contact info for the 36 elected officials who are on the oversight committees and it also has tips for in-person visits and for letters/faxes.

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U.S. House of Representatives –  House Oversight Committee, Subcommittee on Government Operations.… Contact Info House Subcommittee: Government Operations You can file an anonymous whistle blowing complaint with them at… – it is very easy to do.

U.S. House of Representatives –  House Committee on Ways and Means. and its Tax Policy Subcommittee Contact House Ways and Means

U.S. Senate – Senate Committee on Finance: Subcommittee on Taxation and IRS Oversight…  Contact Info Senate Subcommittee: Tax and IRS

Look at the members of the oversight committees and subcommittees listed at the links above.  All of them have local offices as well as an office in Washington, DC. If you live in the district or state of any of the oversight subcommittee members, please find a way to contact them in person, either in the local office or in Washington, D.C.  If you are in Washington D.C., please meet with any members that you can even if you are not in the district – remember, they represent all of Congress in their oversight role.

You can find your representative at

Even if your Senator or Representative is not on one of these committees, please contact them and let them know how it impacts you, a voter.

And remember – tax fraud and abuse is not a partisan issue.  It does not matter if someone is a Democrat or a Republican.  However, you might be able to find out the issues of the member you are contacting.  For example, if you live in a district with a pro-life Senator or Representative, they may be particularly concerned about coerced abortions.  And for example, Senator Ron Wyden (Oregon) is a member, and he has raised questions about Scientology in the past so it is worth approaching him.

How best to contact a Member of Congress? 

  1. In person visits. This is by far the most effective approach. And it is always most effective to contact your own Senator or Representative.  Here are some tips – Tips for In-Person Meetings
  1. Snail mail or fax. This is probably the second most effective approach. Here are some tips for letter-writing: Tips for Letters to Congress 
  1. Phone calls. Calls are tabulated, and this is especially effective if there are numerous phone calls on the same subject. Call the Washington, DC office not the local office, since this is not a local issue.
  1. Email. This is not as effective, but easy to do. Again, the power here is in numbers – if they hear from many people they will pay more attention. Many will not respond to email unless it is from someone in their district.
  1. Social media. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account you can easily tweet committee members, or comment on their Facebook page.   Although this does not have the impact of a visit or snail mail, it does have the advantage that it is public – other voters can see it also – so it gets your message across more broadly, and can educate others. Always be courteous and polite, and do not use offensive language. Twitter accounts for all Members of Congress are online at 



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