Why I Care

I have a dear family member who has been in the cult of Scientology for 40 years.  He is in the Sea Organization, locked behind a fence.  I have never been to where he lives. In 40 years, only once have any family members  been allowed to visit. He is a victim of a dangerous and evil mind control cult, the cult of greed  and fear.

He disconnected from me about a decade ago, claiming that he could never speak to me again because I had disrespected his religion. (Thankfully we are now connected again.)  I know from others who have been imprisoned with him and then escaped that he was held in the infamous “Hole” – discussed by Debbie Cook in open court, Google it – for at least 10 years.

Others have it worse – so many have died as a direct result of scientology abuses, from Lisa McPherson to Kyle Brennan to Elle Perkins.  And many more are bankrupt.

Although the cult is hemorrhaging members, it is still sitting on $1.5 Billion which it uses to harass critics through the use of private investigators and lawsuits.  Until it loses its tax exemption, this cult still has the power to destroy several thousand lives.

My personal top 5 reasons to stop Scientology: (1) human rights abuses; (2) criminal acts; (3) abuse of tax exempt status; (4) fraud; (5) destroying families.

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  1. FreeMindsHeartsm great work on your blog. Can you please contact me at scienowriter@gmail.com? I’d like to link to my Scientology Money Project.


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