Mike Rinder’s Rebuttal to Monique Yingling

Scientology Tax Exemption — Muffins Strikes Back

Mike Rinder has an excellent rebuttal to Monique Yingling’s LA Times op-ed supporting Scientology’s tax exemption.

He points out that he was in the room for many of the meetings, that IRS was misled, including being lied to about refunds and the use of tax exempt funds for terrorizing critics, journalists, and judges.

Then Mike says, “Yet nobody has challenged scientology’s exemption in a US Court. The US SUPREME court determined that payments to scientology should NOT be tax deductible because they are a quid pro quo transaction and not a donation (See Hernandez v. Commissioner). With this as the law of the land it would be interesting to see how a court would rule on a challenge to the IRS determination that such donations ARE deductible and scientology entities are tax exempt. I suspect the bad arguments of scientology would go to die in a US court, just as they did in the Hernandez case.”




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