Garcia Lawsuit – Scientology is a Fraud

May 2, 2017 – Tony Ortega covered the latest in the Luis and Rocco Garcia fraud case (

In 2013, Luis and Rocco Garcia filed a fraud case against the Scientology organization, which had dunned them for hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Super Power building in Clearwater, Florida, including donations for a cross atop the building. Turns out others had donated for the same cross.

But the judge, James Whittemore, required the Garcias to submit to Scientology’s arbitration procedures, even after testimony showed that these procedures were a sham and had never been used. Under the organization’s procedures, the Garcias were required to identify one arbitrator who was a Scientologist in good standing – but every time they suggested a name the organization would say that the person was no longer in good standing.

Judge Whittemore finally lost patience with Scientology, and said that he would pick the arbitrators. On April 10, he gave the organization 10 days to hand over names and contact info of 500 Los Angeles area Scientologists in good standing, and said he would randomly call until he had found arbitrators. (April 11 –

But after Judge Whittemore asked for the list of names, Scientology submitted a list without telephone numbers, and also asked the judge to choose just one arbitrator on behalf of the Garcias — the church still wanted to pick its own arbitrator (and the first two panelists would select the third). The Garcias countered that this was unfair, and reminded the judge that he wasn’t getting what he asked for. (April 29 –

So on May 3 Judge Whittemore issued another order, reiterating that Scientology must turn over the contact information to go along with the 500 names so that he can select all three panelists.

This lawsuit illustrates the con game that is Scientology – first, get your victims to sign away their rights to contest their treatment, then shill them out of their life savings and retirement, and then when they catch on, revert back to the original contracts the victims signed and prevail on the legal system to support the con.

In Scientology, it is all about the money. A fraud and a con, built on the souls of idealistic and hopeful members who want to improve their lives and save the world. Time to shut off the tax exemption money spigot.


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