FBI Confirms Scientology Human Trafficking Investigation

May 7 – In response to a Freedom of Information request, Radar Online received documents proving the FBI investigation of human trafficking in Scientology. See Melissa Cronin’s Radar article here at http://radaronline.com/videos/scientology-fbi-investigation-human-trafficking-claims-probe/.

Tony Ortega covers this on the Underground Bunker as well http://tonyortega.org/2017/05/03/confirmation-of-the-2009-fbi-trafficking-probe-of-scientology-that-the-church-denied/

The FBI stated, “Based on interviews of former Sea org members, the Church of Scientology tricks young Scientologists into joining the Sea Org, promising good salaries, regular work hours, vacation and family visits. However, once Sea Org members begin their service, they are housed and held at secure locations where they work 15 hour days in various positions for Scientology-based companies. Sea Org members are given no days off, and are permitted only limited and monitored contact with anyone outside the camps where they live and work.”

The probe began in October 2009. For reasons that have never been clear, the FBI investigation shut down in May 2010. At the time it was thought that perhaps because it was dropped because Marc and Claire Headley lost their human trafficking lawsuit (see http://tonyortega.org/2013/01/13/did-the-headleys-and-their-lawsuit-torpedo-the-fbi-investigation-of-scientology/).

It is time to reopen this investigation.


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