Stacy Brooks Interview with Maria Pia Gardini

MY God.  I just heard of this video (an old one) based on a comment on Mike Rinder’s blog. I had not seen it before.

It is almost 2 hours long, but well worth it if you want to hear step by step how they fleeced this well-intentioned and wealthy Scientologist of more than $2 M over a decade or so.

I was horrified more over and over again – when they interrogated her after her daughter died, when they harassed her to return to Flag when she was with her dying mother, when the reg at Flag slapped her when she tried to resist giving them money, when four of them caught her as she exited the bank and made them give her money she had just received from the sale of her condo, when she had no more inheritance left.

To paraphrase Maria Pia, “I feel stupid but what they did to me when my daughter died, when my mother died, when I was in pain and emotional trouble, at that moment they caught me.”  Bless you Maria Pia for telling your story, and for your courage in leaving.


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