Leah Remini’s Aftermath Storm

Make sure to watch Leah Remini’s 8 episodes of Scientology: The Aftermath – Tuesday nights on A&E.  It plays at 10 pm PST, 9 pm CST, and 10 pm EST.  leah

More then 2 million people have already tuned in.  There have been 4 episodes so far, plus a bonus episode based on her Reddit  AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) which generated 10,000 responses.

In each episode, she and Mike Rinder interview ex-Scientologists who have been abused physically and emotionally, disconnected from their children, parents, and siblings, and escaped.  The stories are emotionally wrenching, and the viewers cry along with Leah and Mike and their guests.

Her most powerful question is to the viewer – Why is the government, the FBI, not stepping in to stop the crimes?  But it will not happen unless we demand that Congress exercise its oversight functions – it is up to each of us to bring this series to the attention of our own Senator or Member of Congress.


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