Update on Rigina from Kazakhstan

Update on 20 year old Rigina Hikmatulina who was sent to Flag Land Base in Clearwater – Tony Ortega reports today that she is back home in Kazakhstan with her parents, at least for now.  Hers is a textbook case of human trafficking and abuse of the R-1 visa.

Please read the entire frightening story – including the fact that while Rigina was at Flag, more than once her parents got her a ticket home but she was not allowed to leave – and they had locked up her passport.


Also – Scientology told Rigina that her training at Flag would be equivalent to the university education in genetics that she wanted.  Instead, they put her to work running the cleaning crew at one of the Scientology hotels for rich donors.

After Scientology extorted tens of thousands of dollars form Regina’s parents, they declared her mother suppressive and had her disconnect from her parents.  If it weren’t for the persistence of Dina’s mother and the hard work of Kazakhstan authorities, Rigina would not be back with them now.

But the story is not yet over. I hope and pray that Rigina stays with her loving mother and stepfather, and that the USA does not let her come back in on a religious visa.




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