Human Trafficking Rigina from Kazakhstan

Scientology has fewer and fewer members in the U.S.and is turning to eastern Europe, Russia, Taiwan, and other countries for  recruits to its Sea Organization.  Non-English speakers are brought to the U.S. on religious visas, typically to Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida, their passports locked up, and put to work as housecleaners and gardeners at the many Scientology hotels.

Today Tony Ortega writes about Regina Hikmatulina, a teenager from Kazakhstan who joined the Sea Org in 2014 at age 18 with a one year visa.  At age 20, her visa expired, Regina is now  apparently in the US illegally as a Sea Org member at Scientology’s Flag Land Base.  (To renew her visa Regina would have to return to Kazakhstan which she has not done.)

Regina’s parents, Dina and Danil Tylevich, were Scientologists who left the church in December 2015.  Their daughter then disconnected from her parents, and is now always in the company of a Scientology “minder.”  Regina’s mother  considers her daughter a prisoner of the church and has complained to Kazakhstan and US authorities, as well as the media.



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