David Miscavige’s Perjury

On Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker blog today, Jeffrey Augustine shows how Scientology boss David Miscavige lied to the Court in 1994, in a lawsuit against Time Magazine for its 1991 article by Richard Behar, The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power. Behar had said that David Miscavige closely controlled Scientology, but Miscavige denied it and said he was merely the ecclesiastical leader trying to safeguard the scripture.  In Miscavige’s 1994 affidavithe claimed that he had nothing to do with the day-to-day operations of Scientology organizations and churches.

However, recent videos and testimonials give lie to these claims, showing that David Miscavige micromanages every aspect of planning facilities, new churches, floor plans, equipment purchases, and all aspects of Scientology life.   So Miscavige committed perjury in his 1994 testimony.

Why is this happening now?

Ron Miscavige, David’s father, escaped from the Scientology’s International Base (“Int Base”) compound in Hemet, California in 2012 with his wife Becky.  On May 3, 2016, Ron published a book called Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.  

The book talks about the brutal treatment of the Scientologists who lived and worked at Int Base under the domination of their boss David Miscavige.  In its inimitable style, Scientology quickly established a smear website attacking Ron Misvacge and populated it with a number of testimonials by Scientologists who live at Int Base.

Well, the testimonials are in direct contradiction to what David Miscavge told the Court in 1994.  Far from being a hands off ecclesiastical leader, he is enmeshed in every single decision.  Five examples Augustine gives are listed below:

  1. Jennifer Alpers, Director of Domestic Services at Golden Era Productions, says: “David Miscavige… made sure that the planning and design was done for the kitchen and dining room and everything taken care of so we have a state-of-the-art kitchen and an exquisite dining room facility… And by this I mean he oversaw the design of the rooms and the buildings down to every single detail.
  2. Musician David Maio says: “[David] Miscavige… made sure that every detail of the studio — the equipment, the designs, the renovations, and even down to little audio technical details — was perfect for us to produce in. No other leader that I am aware of personally goes down to those details to make sure staffs have everything they need to do their jobs.”
  3. Eve Stumbke, Deputy CEO for Golden Era Productions, says: “[David] Miscavige in maintaining the spectacular condition of Golden Era Productions, from the kitchen area and staff housing, to recreational areas and film production facilities… And you should know, this was ALL put here by Mr. David Miscavige specifically for the staff that work at Golden Era Productions.”
  4. Ciara Rogers, Scientology’s “International Landlord,” says about the “Ideal Org” program to buy up old buildings: “[David] Miscavige … laid out the exact strategy and organization within the Landlord Office to achieve this. So the genius of what Mr. Miscavige has actually laid out in the strategy is that he was looking at how do we…how can every parishioner in every local area and field and zone, how are they able to obtain and get an Ideal Church of Scientology for themselves. … And it really was Mr. Miscavige who, you know, came up with the entire, you know, layout of how are we going to actually achieve this, and he’s directed that … He then came up with what is that organization that needs to go in place and how do we establish a machine at a global level to achieve… getting every single Ideal Church of Scientology completed. And…he apprenticed and trained myself and many others on exactly how that process is done and how…how we can actually achieve it.”
  5. Musician Rick Cruzen says that after a major flood in 1990: “David Miscavige intervened to restore the entire property, so that it would never happen again. This included a full-scale drainage system, silt basins and reinforcement of the nearby river levee, as well as complete planning of all production facilities and full training of the staff as experts at flood, earthquake and fire prevention. And subsequently, based on his planning, the property was built into one of the most valuable, functional and beautiful studio facilities in the world, safe from any natural disaster.”




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